Our Story

Prairies and Petals is a Canadian company founded in 2018 that has reinvented a wholly modern approach in the 21st century by designing luxury arrangements that last up to one year.

Under the vision and leadership of our co-founder, Prairies and Petals has revolutionized the floral industry. It has changed the way we send flowers to our loved ones, and also leaving a lasting impression. Prairies and Petals was determined to find a solution to an everlasting problem many customers encountered: buying a fresh bouquet of roses and only having them last one week.

Through research and development, Prairies and Petals collaborated with a floral farm in Ecuador, where the worlds finest roses are grown to find a solution. Using a plant-based formula without compromising the roses’ natural shape and radiance, every arrangement is carefully crafted by expert florists, prepared with love, and tailored to your experience.

Artfully arranged in Parisian style boxes, and from a palette of rose colours, Prairies and Petals is now the nations leading floral boutique to handcraft beautiful arrangements. Prairies and Petals platform allows its customers to customize arrangements online and have them delivered to their door across North America.

Prairies and Petals arrangements represent a pinnacle of craftsmanship and are unsurpassed for quality and attention to detail.

How are our flowers preserved

Our roses in Ecuador are preserved with the utmost care and attention to detail. Our farms use a specialized preservation process that ensures the longevity and beauty of each flower. The process begins with hand-picking the finest blooms at their peak of freshness. These blooms are then placed in a specialized solution that helps to preserve their color and hydration levels. The solution is refrigerated to slow down the aging process and maintain the flowers' freshness. Throughout the preservation process, the roses are regularly monitored to ensure they are meeting our high standards for quality. Upon completion of the preservation process, the roses are packaged with great care to ensure their safe transportation to their final destination, where they can be enjoyed for weeks to come.