Anthurium Collection

Elevate your living space with our exclusive Anthurium Collection, a set of three exquisite preserved flowers presented in handcrafted porcelain vases. Each vase is meticulously designed to enhance the natural beauty of the Anthurium, known for its glossy, heart-shaped spathes in champagne, deep burgundy, and soft pink.

Anthuriums are not just visually stunning; they symbolize hospitality, happiness, and abundance, making them a perfect addition to any refined home.

The preserved nature of these flowers ensures they remain vibrant and captivating for years, requiring minimal maintenance. Displayed in a sleek, sculptural vase, this set is a testament to your impeccable taste and style. Experience the luxury and coolness of the Anthurium Collection, and let your space reflect your inner sophistication with Prairies and Petals.

Vase: White
Color: Pink
Deep Burgundy

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