Miniature Palais Collection

Introducing the "Miniature Palais Collection," a refined and elegant floral arrangement inspired by the grandeur of our XL Palais collection. This exquisite creation is designed to bring the essence of luxury into more intimate spaces, fitting perfectly within the palm of your hand. Each arrangement in the Miniature Palais Collection is meticulously crafted, featuring anywhere from 26 to 32+ roses, with the final count dependent on the individual bloom size. These roses are selected for their vibrant colours and lush textures, ensuring that each miniature arrangement is a unique masterpiece.

The beauty of the Miniature Palais Collection lies in its versatility. It is the perfect addition to any office space, bringing a touch of elegance to your work environment. Placed on a vanity, it becomes a luxurious accent that enhances your daily beauty rituals. And by your bedside, it serves as a delicate reminder of nature's beauty as you start and end your day. These are Real Roses that Last One Year

Box : Classic Black
Rose Colour : Red

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